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Image by Nathan Dumlao







Image by Ashkan Forouzani

Stressful jobs, bills to pay, hectic lifes, relationship problems, today's life pressures… As if life were not challenging and difficult enough, we now have to add to our day to day the pandemic, the uncertainty for our futures and the constant fear we are all living in.


The lockdowns have forced us to be separated from our loved ones and not being able to interact with family and friends. This is pushing our mental health to the limit.


Many times we think we are alone, but we do not realize we are not the only ones. We are all in this together.


At BASE BODY FITNESS, we are family; we can support each other. And we are not afraid to talk about mental health. 


We are mental!

Our Coffee Club is designed to stop for a moment and have just a chat with friends and new ones. A big moment for ourselves, with a coffee (don’t worry if you don’t like coffee, teas are available), to realize we are not alone.


Let's talk about anything and everything and, by engaging with other people, let’s feel better and make the path of life a bit easier by feeling stronger from the inside.


Every Friday morning at 11am is our coffee time. Let's chat.


This is included on your membership.


Feel free to bring a friend with you for just £3.

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