Are you suffering from back pain?


Is your neck hurting you?  


Have you got a muscle injury?


Are you struggling with depression or PTSD?


Are you able to manage your stress levels?

Do you need to chill and relax?

Whether you are an office worker, a soon-to-be-mum, a bodybuilder, an ultramarathon runner, a swimmer, a dancer... our massage treatments are not just for athletes.



Understanding an injury is often the most important step in rehabilitation.


We will collect a full history and use it to properly diagnose and treat your injury.


Once this is assessed, we will provide a fully tailored rehabilitation plan for you to follow at home or on a one to one basis with the Therapist at the Clinic or in the Gym.


A firmer treatment that will help to break up and eliminate scar tissue by working on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to release chronic tension in the body.

If needed to reduce pain and inflammation, we provide Kinesio tape.

Sports Massage will help to enhance your endurance, lessen the chance of injury and shorten the time needed to recover from your sport event. 

Back Massage


A more gentle treatment that helps to promote a sense of wellbeing, not only physically but emotionally.

An ideal treatment to help you reduce stress, tension and anxiety caused by the day to day life as well as assist you with depression.

Through the relaxation, we can lower blood pressure, improve flexibility and help with pain management.

Our Massage will give you results.

Call it what you like, we want you to feel better.


Looser, less stressed, gee'd up and get ready for action. A Massage will help you reduce aches and pains, whether caused by sports, injuries or the many stresses and strains of modern everyday life.

And don't worry: a massage does not have to cost hundreds of pounds. Have a session with us and come back when you need us again.


Our affordable prices starts at just £15 for up to 30 minutes treatment.






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