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Guys, let us help you boost your confidence and self esteem.


At BASE BODY FITNESS, we believe men's grooming and skin care is as important as for women. That's why we offer beauty treatments for the modern men too.

It is not only about pampering, it is about looking healthier.

Our treatments are for men they care about their health and long term anti aging benefits of maintaining a clean and clear skin.


From barber, manicure, pedicure to facial, waxing and spray tanning .Whatever the one you choose, you will leave looking great and feeling fresh.

Relax and look good!

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You use hand cream to moisturize your hands. That's great but let's keep them in top condition.

We'll shape your nails as you like, tidy up cuticle, revitalize your hands and enhance your overall look.

At the end of the treatment, your hands will look ultra clean, buffed and neat while your skin feels smooth and supple.

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First and foremost, it feels great!


This is the most effective way to maintain foot hygiene and keep your hooves looking fresh. 

We will soak your feet, nail reshape, cuticle treatment and polish.

Add our Luxury or Deluxe treatment for an even better relaxing experience.

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Let us properly clean, exfoliate and revitalize your skin.


Our male facial treatments are designed to handle the skin care problems we all face like razor burn, ingrowing hairs or flaky skin.

No matter what skin type or age, our face treatments will help you relax and less stress means healthier and younger looking skin.

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Your hair symbolizes your personality, your masculinity and your individuality. Your hair symbolizes you.

From a messy taper to a skin fade and beard trim, a clean shave to a crew cut.


Whatever your style, just be yourself. 

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Let's keep your unwanted hair at bay.


Relax, it is not going to be nearly as painful as it look or sounds.


Whatever you are a bodybuilder, a runner, an athlete or just want to remove your body hair, our waxing services will leave you stubble free for up to four weeks.


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Get your instant tan and look great.

And you don't need to wait until the colour develops; it is instant.

A tan skin makes your 

complexion look brighter, brings out your features and also defines muscles, leaving you look and feeling fitter than ever before.

Book now and start feeling and looking awesome!

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