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Keep your tan all year round!


Our brand new ULTRASUN E7 towers are fitted with the

Sunfit CollaTan lamps. The latest in tanning lamp innovation.

For your comfort, our sunbed towers are located within both the

ladies and gents changing rooms while the lie down sunbed is located upstairs, in The Solar Pod.

What are you waiting for?

TANNING from 44p 

45 minutes course for £20

Or 50p per minute on 3 minutes tokens.

tan couple



CollaTan lamps have the best of Sunfit tanning and Collagenic Red Light Therapy lamps combines the following three types of light:

  • UVA light: for a direct, intensive and attractive tan

  • UVB light: for the production of melanin and Vitamin D to get a natural, long-lasting tanned skin

  • Collagenic light: for a soothing, rejuvenated and blemish free skin

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