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FACT: when friends exercise together:

  • you will have more fun

  • you won't feel so self conscious as exercising on your own

  • you will train longer and achieve more

  • it will boost your own confidence and feeling of belonging when showing the equipment and facilities of YOUR Gym to your friend

  • you both motivate and support each other

  • you both will be more competitive 

  • you will visit YOUR Gym more regularly

This is why we have created our Free Friends Friday

And why Friday? Because is the end of the week and a way to celebrate your weekend together with your friends.

So every Friday, each TOTAL member can bring up to four friends at a time and four sessions per friend.


If you are a BASE member, you can bring up to two friends at a time and only one free session per friend. 

And don't worry, there is no obligation to join.


Fill in the below form with your friend's details and your friend will get a code by e-mail to bring on the chosen Friday. 


Just enjoy and have fun.

Thank you! We will be in touch very soon.

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