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Running Shoes


If you love running either track, field, sprint, marathon or just simply “your way”, we have created our Running Club especially for you.

Every Monday at 18:30, join us for an outdoor run under the guidance and supervision of our Coach Dan Walker.

We want to bring you the benefits of running, both mentally and physically, as well as general health and wellbeing. Above all, a new session to help improve mental health, increase self esteem and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Meet and engage with new friends, achieve more and get pushed by other runners that, like you, understand when you are having a bad day and they will encourage you not to give up.

Whatever your ability and level, join our Running Club every Monday. 

And after your exercise, let's back to the Gym to have a cuppa and a chat.

Meet new friends. 

Meet new like minded people to push your limits.

Increases your caloric consumption, a great aid to your weight loss.

Suffer less minor illness by help you improve your immune system.

Boost self esteem, improves mood, reduce stress and help fight depression.

Your arteries will keep fit, which then helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

Increases ligaments and join strength, stability and bone density.

Feel good as your body releases chemicals to make you feel great.

Increase your confidence which means greater control over your life.

Helps fight diabetics and assist you controlling cholesterol.

Our Running Club is free on our TOTAL package.

Non Club members are welcome; just £5 per session.

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