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My fitness journey starts back in the 80's. I was just 15 years old the first time I entered a gym and from that moment, I was hooked.


Fast forward to 2005, this is when I decided to become a Personal Trainer. After doing some voluntary work at some of the local gyms in the area while working at Sainsbury's.


I became part of the BASE BODY FITNESS TEAM in 2012.


I love training the general population clients to change their body shape for the better.


My approach to nutrition is a long term and sustainable one. Sorry but I believe this is the one area where quick fixes really don’t work.

In my experience, people seem to really struggle with resistance training. I love showing my clients the correct and safest way to lift weights in order to gain maximum results.

Anyone can change their body shape for the better if they are willing to change some behavior habits.

I have been on my fitness journey for a while now; are you ready to start yours?

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