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For the last 18 years I have been making, selling and occasionally eating, Big Macs. Thankfully though, I love picking things up and putting them down again, and I've also spent the last 18 years doing this.


My journey started as a young lad wanting to get big, and has since evolved through many stages, completing several of my own weight loss or muscle building transformations over the years. I've been on stage in my pants and I've been on platforms lifting weights at world championships, the whole time gaining years of real world, practical knowledge and experience of all things weights.


Matt Jepson

And now I've decided it's finally time to follow my passion for fitness, and help make it your passion too!

After being qualified as a Personal Trainer, I'm keen to help you on your journey, whether that journey is to build some lean muscle, burn some serious fat, just lose a bit of unwanted weight or simply to get more active and fitter.

Whatever your goals, If you want help achieving them, get in touch! 

Aside from lifting weights in the gym, I love playing football each week, and occasionally you'll find me out cycling on my bike, but these days only when the weather is good!

And when I'm not busy keeping fit or working, there's nothing I love more than spending time with wife and my two boys.

When the time allows, I like to relax in front of Netflix, or with a cheeky game of Fifa or "Call of Duty".

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