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One of the main reasons I became a Personal Trainer is because I had to take a weight loss journey myself. I had to find the determination within and, with that determination, combined with hard work, I achieved my goal. By doing this, I then realised that I wanted to help other people that may find themselves in the situation I was in and that vision lead me to becoming a Personal Trainer.

I began working at BASE BODY FITNESS in 2018; they gave me the foundation in which to build my success and helped me to build my endless number of clients to also achieve their goals.


I can relate to each of my client journeys as I have been there myself and know exactly how difficult it is, both dieting and exercising. My motto is: you have to really want it!
Not only does working out help you to lead a healthy lifestyle, it also helps you to maintain a healthy mind!
Outside of the Gym, I enjoy socializing with friends and spending lots of time with my family, especially my two amazing sons. I love food (especially cake...) and going all out with my girls. When you enjoy these things, I understand first hand how hard it is to remain disciplined. But it’s important to remind yourself that healthy eating and exercise shouldn’t be a chore: it’s a lifestyle choice.
I regularly share my clients journeys on both my Instagram or Facebook pages. That could be you! By signing up with me, you will start to feel good about yourself again, gain that confidence you need to succeed and achieve your goals!
Everyone is different and has their own personal goals therefore, I ensure that each programe is tailored to the individual.
All I ask for is in return is hard work, dedication and honesty.
If you really put your mind to it, you can achieve anything!

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