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I have always been passionate about football, since I was a child. Unfortunately, due to a bad back injury, I had to finish my favourite hobby, football. I was not going to let this set back to stop me so I joined BASE BODY FITNESS in 2009 to keep fit.

I enjoy been active and I always had to find something else to do, which lead to me becoming a Personal Trainer in 2013 thanks to BASE BODY FITNESS putting through my courses.


I became part of the BASE BODY FITNESS TEAM in 2013; 0ver the 7 years I have worked here, I have trained and dieted hard and achieved my own transformation, which has helped me relate to my clients from a personal point of view also. With my experience in what I have done and learned, I can help you achieve whatever your goal may be, from weight loss and tone to muscle build.

I spend most of my life at the Gym but, the odd times I'm not there, I enjoy going out with friends (when we were allowed), watching football and (oh yes!) spending a lot of money on food and clothes. I have a guilty pleasure: I love the soaps.

If you decide to join me, I always require we train with smiles on our faces, no matter how tough it gets. Work as hard as you possible can and take on my help and advice on board.

With this, we will smash your goals.

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