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My early life was based around people saying I wasn’t good enough to achieve what I wanted to achieve, saying “I was living in a dream world”. This has pushed and motivated me to succeed and to turn a negative into a positive.


Life is too short to dwell on the past and, with a blink of an eye, years have gone by and you have missed out on most of the opportunities you could have given.

As gym and fitness have been a big part of my life from a very early age, I turned this passion into a successful career after becoming a Personal Trainer well over 10 years now.


I have a mixture of clients with different age, ability and goals. The types of training I specialize in is bodybuilding, competition prepping, fitness and weight loss, martial arts, strength training and rehabilitations.

Two actors and two of their films had a massive impact on my life: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean Claude Van Damme. Schwarzenegger is a massive inspiration to me; I’ve always looked up to him. He is one of the main reasons I got into bodybuilding. I love “The Terminator”; what a film! And from the very first time I watched “Blood Sport”, I wanted to be as good as Van Damme with his amazing spinning heal kicks, which bought me to pursue learning the arts of Thai Boxing.


I love to train in Thai Boxing; It is one of those sports that releases all that bad energy our of me and it converts it into something positive, which makes me feel amazing.


I’m a family orientated person and father of 4. When I have a bit of spare time, I love going out for meals with my family and also my friends. I enjoy getting out in the open meeting new people. And I also love when a phone call comes from ITV asking me to appear on a new show; I absolutely love working on TV.


I work hard to get my clients exactly where they want to be. I don’t believe any goal is too big.


Maybe you can be my next challenge!

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