Sterilizing Gym


We want all our family members to feel safe when using our facilities.

To do this, we have put in place, together with your valued input and ideas, new protocols.

We thank you for adhering to our protocols and to help us keep the facilities as clean as possible.


  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please do not come to the Gym

  • If possible, please visit the Gym before 4pm weekdays

  • Bring your own towel for extra added safety

  • Wash your hands as soon as you enter the Gym. If you enter the Club wearing your own safety gloves, please do wash your gloves and hands

  • Keep your distance while training

  • Wipe down equipment with disinfectant before and after every use with cloths provided. Please return cloths to baskets

  • Only two people at the same time allowed in the changing rooms

  • Wash your hands before leaving the Gym

  • Use your common sense to be safe

  • We check client's temperature when entering the Gym

  • We provide free face masks for added protection although not compulsory

  • We provide antibacterial soap in the toilets to wash your hands

  • We have sanitizing stations with antibacterial disinfectants and cloths to clean the equipment before and after use; please return used cloths to baskets to be washed and disinfected

  • We are increasing the cleaning routines

  • We use fogging disinfection machines during the course of the day

  • When the Gym is closed, we are using specialist UV light to totally disinfect the premises

  • To keep social distance, we have removed some of our equipment, including halving the use of cardiovascular machines