My early life was based around people saying I wasn’t good enough to achieve what I wanted to achieve, saying “ I was living in a dream world”. This has pushed and motivated me to succeed and to turn a negative into a positive.





Although recently qualified, I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge by being part of the BASE BODY FITNESS TEAM since 2018.


I enjoy working with my clients, listening to their needs and pushing them with my fun and cheeky way. I love passing my passion for training to you so you can see results.

Apart from the fact I love spending all day working out, outside of the Gym I have plenty of hobbies that keep me very busy.  I love classic movies like "Goodfellas". But I have to admit I'm a mad fan of the "Star Wars" saga. I have two enjoyable weakness: pizza and doughnuts. 

Feel free to drop me a line or have a chat next time you see me in the Gym.